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    I named myself MTS, as a shortened version of MrTripStack, which is my typical gaming name. I named the rival Sam after my cousin that I've been playing through the game with (his rival is named MTS).

    I also have two HM slaves, Tangrowth and Jellicent, named "HM Slave 1" and "HM Slave 2" respectively. These two Pokémon can learn all the HMs (and Flash) besides Fly, which is always in my team anyway.

    The last Pokémon that I nicknamed is a Munna that I caught through Dream Radar, named "Daydreamer" because I always use her to do the Dream World stuff.

    I don't typically nickname Pokémon, besides my various "tool Pokémon", which includes any Pokémon that serve a certain purpose. I might catch a Ditto and nickname him "Sex Blob", or something.
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