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Originally Posted by AddleBoy View Post
How much do you think these would be worth?

-Holo Gyarados; 6/102; NOT Shadowless; NOT 1st Edition

-Zapdos; 30/62; The set symbol is a bony hand; NOT 1st Edition

-Dark Weezing; 31/82; Team Rocket; NOT 1st Edition

-Blaine's Nine Tails (Japanese); Gym set; No. 038
Gyarados - $2 to $4.

Fossil Zapdos - $2 to $3.

Dark Weezing - $1 to $2.

Blaine's Ninetales - $3 to $5.

Originally Posted by HighDro View Post
I recently found an old collection of pokemon cards I had when I was growing up. The first card is from the U.S. while the other three are Japanese. These are the ones I'm more curious about. I'll probably be posting some more later.

1. Wartortle Promo Card (notice the WD stamp in picture)
Second set? icon shows pokeball with a 2 behind it.
Not sure if it's first edition
Not shadowless

2. Trainer card: Here Comes Team Rocket! (white star on bottom right)

3. Murkrow [Yamikarasu, Japanese Name] (white star on bottom right)
Neo Genesis Set
No. 198
Not shadowless
Not Holographic

4. Imakuni's Doduo (white star on bottom right)
Gym Leader Set? (icon has pokeball with the word gym in it)
No. 084
Not Shadowless
Not Holographic

Wartortle - $2 to $4.
Here Comes Team Rocket! - $2 to $4.
Murkrow - $0.15 to $0.50.
Imakuni's Doduo - $7 to $12.

Originally Posted by poke collector View Post
I have all of the first gen pokemon cards, all holo's and rares anyone know the price for a complete collection? all cards in mint condition
Depends on what you mean by complete collection. Complete sets of the cards are worth more than just having all of the rares, or one of each Pokemon.
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