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Giant women? Looks like a boyfriend-girlfriend argument gone wrong is in order for today!

Chargestone Cave is, like, totally unchanged, aside from a lack of any Team Plasma presence. Oh, and Mistralton City is still as wet as ever.

Took forever for me to meet Aurea. Now off to that one tower that seems to keep turning and turning around... Oh, rang the bell, too. I wonder why... (Free Lucky Egg!)

Now that's taken care of... oh, time to head for the Gym... OUCH! Whatever it is, it's going to fail OSHA. The winds are so strong, I had trouble keeping my two feet still... Fraxure took short work of everyone in here, too, and the better - and he's gaining experience like mad.

Airplane ride!

...Why are we in desert country now?

The Strange House is creepy in its own way... and also some Trainers just want to battle there for some reason. Also, what's this Lunar Wing for?

Reversal Mountain paints the whole scene a tint of red. Bianca again, and now she's off to do some researching. Just as usual.

To Undella! Wait a second, the Marine Tube is not open yet? Oh well, but-- HUGH'S RAGING TIME!

...not that it matters. Opelucid Gym is epic in every way.

(Late-game spoilers)
Pokemon Centres must be made of Nokiadium. Looks like Opelucid's in bad shape today!

Humilau is a weird resort "city"... and the Gym Leader likes to do his own thing in his own way, yo. Keiran finally could catch up with all the experience to the Haxorus.

Also, Fuzzles time.

This frigate is weird flying stuff.