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    For my adventure...firstly, I chose Oshawott (the way I'd do so for almost any Unova game, except for White, where I went with Snivy). Then, I went to Flocessy Town, and met Alder. Then, I went to the Ranch and gave the second Town Map to Hugh. Afterwards, I found the Herdier that the owner lost. Then, I got challenged by two children, you know...the ones that Alder asked the player to battle against? Then I tried to beat Cheren, but I lost. So I decided to grind my Oshawott in Flocessy Ranch and nearby, plus catching some Pokemon. During the midst of that, I found a Shiny Lillipup! Awesome... And I'll be challenging Cheren once my Oshawott evolves, which would mean I'd level him up by one more level. (He's Lv.16.)
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