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Originally Posted by DaleH771
That bridge is VERY well thought up. However it doesn't make sense. There is a large pillar on the ground with the platform starting part way up it which in theory means that the bridge is above ground level. You need to remove the bottom segment of the pillars that are on the ground. The ones on the small islands however are good and work very nicely.
Lol. The map drawing doesn't serve as a precise representation of what the game maps look like; this is especially true with the designs of buildings. They're all drawn and colored as the old models from FR if you notice. lol. The Emerald Bridge was already changed from what the teeny tiny one in the sketch shows. If the only criticism you can levy is one this minute, then I guess I'm in good shape. =] (Btw, not for nothing, but change how your gym's windows look--the sheen in the window panes is mirrored. ;x)

Just so you all know, I am still working on this. =] I would like to have some release out soon, but we'll see just how 'soon' that is haha.

This was something I made a while back, but I'll go ahead and show you all now. This is the room within Ancient Azurect where The Emerald Tablet sleeps.

Thank you all for your support and comments, I really appreciate it. =] Also don't forget to look on the Facebook page, there's sometimes updates there that I don't post here. =P
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