Thread: Suggestion: Allow Edit To "Person"
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Originally Posted by Ausaudriel View Post
If this is something a lot of people would really make use of, it wouldn't be too hard for us to implement.
If this is the case then it would be incredibly useful for co-owners in clubs, so I'd definitely support the addition. We've been looking for ways around the co-owning issue for a long time but methods like having two OPs don't really work for clubs as the content doesn't really split well into two posts and one owner would always get a much more important section of it, so people have pretty much given up trying to co-own them at the moment since it's simply not practical. I figured it was a matter of "Can't happen" based on responses in the past so didn't bring it up again, but if it's doable then it would be very appreciated. The reasons have pretty much been explained above by everyone else so I won't repeat them, but I'm a big supporter.
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