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Thank you for your feedback! :D

Originally Posted by Ralaia View Post
Well yes, but just a few things like maybe bring back CotM back
CotM is something we've been debating bringing back for a while. The thing is, there just weren't enough clubs to keep winning it every month. After running it for around 4 months we were already beginning to run out of clubs to award the title to and new clubs simply weren't being made that often, so we decided to give it a break for a while and I guess we just forgot to ever bring it back haha. But I would be all for bringing CotM back soon, possibly running every other month instead of once a month though so we don't run out as quickly? But yeah, I'd definitely be up for bringing it back so I'll talk to Olli about it tonight. :) One thing we were never sure of though; do you prefer CotM to be run by mine and Olli's nominations or by you guys voting?

Originally Posted by Ralaia View Post
Emblems would be cool for what I recommended but I know you already have emblems for CotM.
I wouldn't be against adding more emblems to the section if you can think of any valid ones to add?

Originally Posted by Ralaia View Post
but like co-owner(s) of the club should have the right to be owner since the were granted them co-owner.
In the majority of cases the co-owner is the first person we go to when the club's ownership needs transferring for the reason you said, but unfortunately sometimes the co-owner is just as inactive as the original owner so it's not practical to transfer it to them. I do agree that the co-owner should always be made owner after the original owner left, but sometimes they just don't want to or they tell us via PM that someone else would be better for the position, so it doesn't always work out with them ending up as the owner. But they are always the first place we go to when searching for a replacement owner :)

Originally Posted by Ralaia View Post
I do like the CSS guide but I know in TC they have the CSS where you can copy it from the CSS Template Guide so I think we should have Templates for Poc, and heck I could help make a few CSS's to get it started! :3
Thing is, when I wrote the CSS guide I kind of wrote it as a way for people to make their clubs look unique and stand out from each other by using some basic CSS; if we add templates then that kind of defeats the point of clubs standing out from each other. I provided templates to the extent of giving text boxes within a background (and each bit individually) for people to play around with, but providing full templates would probably lead to a lot of very similar looking clubs which is ideally not what I'd want for the section. I constructed a basic club layout template for people to use which was to ensure people knew what to include in their clubs and how they could lay it out, but the CSS guide is mostly just for adding personal touches to the club and making it look unique. So for now, I wouldn't really be up for adding club templates with CSS since I can imagine the clubs would all begin to look very similar, but if enough people back the idea then I'll certainly look into it. :)