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    I must say, I like it so far, but I ran into a game-breaking bug. There is a Gentleman Herbert just past where the police were guarding at the start of the game. His first pokemon is a level 5 Patrat, which is fine, but it's his second pokemon, Woobat, that's messed up. The guy never ends up sending it out, and the game ends up saving, and crashing. I get back on, and I'm stuck battling him again. Really, my only way out of this is to let his Patrat kill me.

    Other than that though, I am enjoying this game. Great choice of music, and the setting is something I haven't seen in a pokemon fan game myself.

    Quick Edit: I tried a few more times, and eventually by minimizing the window when Woobat was sent out, and then opening the window back up, it worked, but there might be something wrong with the coding there that you could take a look at. It's the with animation version too btw.
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