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In the Anime, which Grass-type Pokémon do you find the cutest? Toughest?

Cutest: Definitely Sewaddle! After seeing it for the first time in the Pinwheel Forest episode I fell in love with it completely, it's such a cutie of a Pokémon! It's so mischievous and carefree with the way it swings through the forest's branches and the way it communicates affection with the tiny stubs on it's head is so cuteee ♥ All-in-all it was just a very adorable Pokémon haha.

Toughest: Harder choice, but I'm going to go with Ash's Sceptile. The reasons are pretty obvious; it's simply a complete badass of a Pokémon haha. It managed to take down Darkrai in the Sinnoh league (I think...) and it's always a huge challenge for it's enemies to have to take down. Sceptile has always shown a lot of power and dexterity in it's character so it's definitely a real powerhouse in the anime and it's always struck me as one of Ash's strongest Pokémon. I'm not sure I really have a gif to accompany this one though, sorry. xD