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    Ok I am tired of waiting. Beta release tonight, along with new screenshots. I am also trying to get this thread moved to The Showcase. I am going to take the time read out what I have to do and do them all. There is one thing about this beta, The new female character will not be in it. I have not go the sprites complete just yet. Instead Dawn will hold her place. I found my files. I was going to cancel the beta release because I lost my Female overworlds, BUT! I found them! So the release is possibly set for tonight :D

    All right only 1 more thing needed to meet the requirements, Either, Video's of the game or 12 or more screenshots.

    Nope :/ No beta release. I don't have all the events fixed. They must be edited. Before the release.

    Sense I can't figure out how to use youtube links here. Try clicking this link:

    So now that Pokemon Apexin is in The Showcase I think it's time to speed up progress. I have here is the the new battle music for gym leaders. Only in bass. It's converting now :D Credits to: pokemonb2w2music