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    2 Partner Pokemon:
    Starmie (Water and Psychic, so Fire types, rock types, ground types, fighting types and a few more are screwed) and Milotic (sexy beast, sexy moveset)

    Why do you want to swim with us?:
    I have always loved water types, ever since I've played Pokemon. My first was a Squirtle, it was so cute at first and then it evolved into this super strong water type. I have then usually ALWAYS picked the water type, Mudkip, Piplup, Totodile and Oshawott. They also have the ability of Surf and Waterfall, so you can always go out for a swim with them.

    Answer Current topic:
    Milotic vs Gyarados? Well, Gyarados may look all big and buff, but Milotic has a great moveset. Milotic also looks good (no, I do not want to date a Pokemon) and Gyarados looks like a great fat lump thing. If Gyarados had any electric type moves (I think he learns a few) Milotic could be screwed, but Milotic is also super speedy.
    The result of that would probably be a tie, I think. :3