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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    Warning: May possibly contain B2W2 spoilers.

    If you cycle past the Battle Subway on both B/W and B2W2 you'll notice some lag appears there on both games, implying that they most likely were made at or around the same time. If you also notice, some of the dialogue is shared between both games and it gets me wondering about something.

    >implying that they most likely were made at or around the same time.

    That doesn't even make sense. 1: Of course the two battle subways were made around the same time, why wouldn't they just copy-paste an older feature into a sequel? Did you expect them to stall development of White 2 so they can go clean up the engine some more and possibly cause desyncing/lag issues with Pokémon Black and White 1 when they have linking capabilities and may desync from it?

    More importantly, that doesn't imply anything. Official Game Developers don't just delete everything once their game is made, they always have a disassembled build sitting somewhere. Think about how many games have leaked prototypes popping up years after their final release. All major game companies keep a stockpile of old builds for some time, partly so that if they ever DO need to reuse code like the battle Subway, all they have to do is copy the old files, and paste them into the new game. No engine changes, just the same, old code.

    >Two games that take place in the same generation, same region, with some of the same people

    In a game with the same region, same people,why WOULDN'T some of the dialogue be the same? Black and White didn't get stuff like Join Avenue, the expanded functionality of the Entralink, the PWT, or support for the other forms of Kyurem because They weren't being made at the same time. Additionally, you'll notice that the Dialogue is also very different in B2/W2 - Namely, NPC's that same thing in the jap versions (Such as Charles), would say something dumbed down in Black and White English, while in Black2 and White2, they would say what they were meant to say. If the games were being developed Simultaneously, why would that happen?

    What I've surmised from all this is that Pokemon Black and White were developed before Black2 & White2, and the reason those features weren't in Black 1/White1 is simply because they weren't planned at the time, or were planned but they didn't have time to fit them into the games. Pokemon Black2 and White2's development started with Pokemon Black and White's fully developed game, and was built from there, meaning they had more time to implement those missing features. How would I know this? Because that's how Game Development works. They finished they're original product, and didn't touch up the engine of the games to ensure compatibility, and added in things they might not have been able to before. Game Freak has done that numerous times in the past games - Note the version differences in Deoxys, for example:

    Ruby and Sapphire share forms, and they're the only games that do. They just simply didn't plan to give Deoxys other forms, and they came up with the idea during FR/LG's development. The same logic could be applied to BW vs B2W2.

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