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Pretty much every Normal/Flying in the game could either suffice being mono-Flying, Psychic/Flying (Hoothoot line) or Fighting/Flying (Farfetch'd).

Gyarados should be Water/Dragon, but for reasons stated above it isn't (it would have no weaknesses in Gen 1 because the only damaging Dragon-type move then was Dragon Rage). Still, it should have been kept as mono Water if that was the issue. Water/Flying makes no sense, especially since it can't learn any Flying-type moves.

Dunsparce should at least be part Ground.

Sudowoodo should be Rock/Grass.

Mawile should be Steel/Dark.

Gengar should be mono Ghost, since it's not even a gaseous being anymore.

I've also never understoon why the Jynx and Sneasel line are part Ice, either.
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