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    Downloaded this a few days ago to give it a shot. A few stuff I've noticed:

    - Everytime I try to use a team of 6 pokemon, I end up underleveled. In Yang White, I'm currently in from of the 7th gym with a full team of 6, the Leader's guys are level 70-ish while mine are 65-ish. In Yin black I'm just running a team of 4 fighters and 2 HM slaves and I'm around 70-ish too. At the rate this is going, the Elite 4 Champ will have lvl 100 pokemon. I guess this is intended?
    - Everything either hits like a bullet train, sponges hits like no one's business or can do both but are slow as molasses (or are Legendaries, I guess)
    - Cryogonal is awesome. Slaking, less so.
    - Grinding is hard as hell since Audinos have a 20-ish percent chance of appearing in shaking grass (at least in the first few routes, I just gave up on grinding after the second gym). It's just faster to do like in HG/SS and keep smashing your team on theirs and whiting out until you can beat them. I'd at least up the Audino/Chansey rates up to 50% in shaking grass, since it's already kinda rare.
    - Why is the Choice Band available before Gym 3, but Choice Specs are after Gym 6?
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