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Fair enough, that's perfectly reasonable :) The only thing I would say regarding the lack of commentary is that perhaps if the thread is relaunched, commenting/critiquing should form a more noticeable section of the first post - currently it's only one sentence in the middle of a paragraph without any highlighting or anything, so if we were to make the notice more prominent and make commenting seem like a much bigger part of the thread then hopefully we'll get more people pay attention to it? Then if everyone starts off with commenting it'll become the norm for others to follow in their posts. Also maybe adding some headings/CSS and splitting up the sections will make it seem like more of an official thread if we're using it partially as a test?

Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog View Post
As for the name, I'd definitely be all ears for hearing a better one. Names/titles for anything are not my strong suit, and the name as it stands was easily the best out of a bunch that were suggested: it was short, snappy and relatively to the point.
I have a few suggestions but nothing too snappy yet, I'll tell you if I think of any haha.

The only thing that does throw me off about this situation is that there'll be nowhere to post projects/group work/tutorials/etc as they'd most likely require a singular thread, or at least one thread per category mentioned. I supposed a way around this would be to include a section about posting half-finished projects or group work requests in the new showcase thread (although that still doesn't allow for tutorials), but if there's little demand for this stuff then maybe they just belong in blogs for now. I suppose we've coped without having them thus far so it's not the end of the world not having them now :p
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