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Originally Posted by Frostweaver View Post
Given my one visit to Grand Piraire I can certainly see how something tragic like that happen... I hope that everyone else is coping well with the tragedy though =(
People are handling it rather well, but the next school day after it happened, it was just... Surreal. The hallways were so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. And they had counselors from all over the school district at the library to help the students and staff cope. Some teachers couldn't even stop from shedding tears.
As for poutine, ya I only get the regular type of poutine at NYF. It's a tragedy that the last time I went to Quebec, I didn't have time to get a "real poutine." It felt like going to Italy without trying pizza...
I'd love to go to Québec just to try a poutine. omg. Seeing as I know French somewhat, it shouldn't be too hard to find my way around lol