Thread: HG/SS: Lugia or Ho-Oh?
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Lugia, mainly due to personal bias. When it comes down to it, I honestly kinda prefer Ho-oh's design over Lugia, just because it's more colorful and resembles a bird more (B]), but it also pulls off a really terrifying facial expression, where, even though Lugia does too at times, it's less scary, and tend to look more desperate lol. But as I said, personal bias on Lugia, due to all my experiences with it from Silver. After seeing it kicking tail in a battle between my brother and a friend of his, I decided I wanted my own, and even with that, it wasn't like I hadn't tried looking for it. The place it was located was less notable than a huge freaking tower in a town, so I actually found Ho-oh before I got to Lugia, but once I finally found it in the Whirl Isles after searching for a long time, I was a) Very disappointed that it wasn't a Water type, and b) SUPER FREAKING EXCITED to finally get it. So I used it pretty much for the rest of my Silver versions life, but now it's long gone, borrowed out to a friend of mine who then lost it afterwards. :(
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