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Oops, seems I've been a bit inactive D:

How far would you go to protect someone that you met in a virtual world, whether it be a good friend or a love interest?

Well when it comes to it all, virtual worlds would kinda be close to the real world in the sense that we can all see each other and talk to each other, and basically interact with each other in any way we would be able to in the real world, so whether I met the person in the virtual world wouldn't really matter, since it would really be the same kind of relationship as you would be able to have in the real world. Now, when it comes to how far I'd go to protect them, it depends on whether I'd be able to die or not. If it was the world in ALfheim, then I'd probably battle till I die for any of my friends, since the consequences for dying in that world are less significant than in Aincrad. Unless I had a really valuable item that I'd risk losing if I died, then hell nah, I'd sissy out and leave my friends to die B)

If it was a world like Aincrad, where I'd lose my life in the real world if I died in there too, then it gets bit more complicated. It's less likely that I'd risk my life for anyone anymore, since the cost is much higher here, and it would only really be something I'd do if they were very close friends of mine, however I would still do everything I could to help, without it coming to risking my life. At least I imagine I'd be so heroic, however I've only ever tried such things out with World of Warcraft, so I can't really say much :p
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