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    Originally Posted by MrTripStack View Post
    Is your female Febas still available? If not, a male Febas would be just as cool.

    My White 2 Friend Code is 0777 2231 1608. Thanks in advance! To be honest, this will be my first time trading online, so I'm not entirely sure how to "meet up". ._.
    basically we try to be online at the same time. I try to stay in the WFC for hours a day and glance over now and again to see if someones on. I'm centeral time zone, so its 5:27 here right now. I'll be online 3pm my time until bed tomorrow so we can try to meet up then

    Originally Posted by Kishijoten View Post
    Hi there! I like to claim a Pokemon! I will take the female Zorua off your hands!
    Here is my Pokemon white 2 friend code: 4943-3337-1645
    Starting tomorrow the Female Zorua will be available again. Do you still want it?
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