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Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
Who I find toughest in the anime, is Bulbasaur. Remember the episode when Ash's Bulbasaur was hurt and is trying to evolve, but refuses to? He found a flock of Saurs at a garden and in that episode he learned Solarbeam. He saved the mysterious garden and learned a new powerful move, now that's what I call toughness!
Bulbasaur is tough, but pretty push-over-ish too tbh .-. It had some incredibly tough moments like the evolution struggle you mentioned, but there are countless times when it's been proven to be tbh pretty weak. Also can anything like this:

truly be tough? ;)

Do you think there should be a grass/fighting starter, just like Fire starters have fire/fighting? Why?
I think it would make sense for there to be one and there's countless possibilities of designs for Grass/Fighting hybrids since they're two very easy to relate types (despite only two currently existing), but I personally wouldn't like to see one. It is certainly an interesting type to work with and the two different approaches that the types bring would complement each other well (I'm expecting a Pokémon based on healing itself all the time with drain punches and grass drain moves..?), but I can think of many more interesting types for it to be paired with. Honestly what I'd like to see most is a Grass and Bug starter - I know it's not unique and I know the two types are arguably somewhat similar, but just think of how awesome it would be to have such an interesting type combination whilst you're beating the game. There are so many brilliant designs that could be made from this dual typing and the moves they could access are extremely diverse given the wide nature of Grass Pokémon and Bug Pokémon, so I think they'd work perfectly together for a starter Pokémon. It would be a challenge given the increased number of weakness (and two x4 weaknesses), but I think it'd be worth it. Just look at Leavanny for proof :D