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    Originally Posted by tente2 View Post
    Hello, this was mostly useful but I have a problem: When I try to "Write to Rom", I get this message:

    Compressed size is: 2D0. Which is too big. Aborting.

    The sprite is 64x64, and it's 16 colors, so I don't know how what I did wrong or how it could be "too big".

    Otherwise, it was great.
    You Need Free Space Finder.
    Go To File-Load rom, Load Your Rom And Click Search From The Begging Of The Rom, Then In The Bottom Right Hand Corner There Are 2 BoxsThe Bottom One But The Code In So 2D0 And The Find And The Copy The When You Try To Upload The Picture Press Write To Rom Then You Will See The Image Offset Remove All The Numbers Except For The 2 00 Then Copy The Code Into It And Click Auto Abort Fix Pointers And Export Image Then Press Ok And It Shud Work
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