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Still playing through Crystal and I want to level my Pokemon up about 3-4 times before I take on the Elite Four.

I want to know what the best place to train here is, since Johto is really... lackluster for that, given how low-level all the Pokemon are. I don't enjoy getting a pathetic 263 EXP points per battle, because that makes it take like twenty Pokemon to level up once. Off all six of my team, that's 20 * 4 * 6 = 480 Pokemons.

Yeah, no. I need a place that can cut that in HALF or better.

I'm thinking Dark Cave (Ursaring and Graveler) or the route between Mahogany and the Ice Cave (Lickitung and Tangela) but I don't know for sure... what places work best for you all?
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