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Originally Posted by bcutajar View Post
Hi im not looking to sell my cards but i was wondering if anyone could give me a rough value on a full set of pokemon cards (being one of every pokemon from generation I - IV) from the pokemon pearl diamond and platinum sets. I have holos of the most important and legendary cards, and every single card is in mint - near mint condition.

Thanks let me know

(P.S this is my first post and am not really sure if im posting this in the right spot)
Most collectors don't seek out one of each Pokemon when buying. They seek out entire sets of cards, so if you were to tally up the individual value of each of your cards, that'd be what they'd be worth all together, roughly, and they wouldn't be worth anymore just because you've got one of all 493 of them.

What it comes down to is that it depends on which ones you have.
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