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Unless Luke replies to this, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in existence who loves Probopass. Like, not tolerates because it's kind of funny or doesn't really care about it, I'm one of like 3 people I know in the world who doesn't absolutely hate it. :(

I like using it. It's a nice change from the kinds of Pokemon I usually use in battle so I always enjoy having one on my team. I also really like the idea of it and while I can respect everyone's decision to dislike it, I don't understand why everyone has to put it down all the time. It makes me sad!
Originally Posted by TheLeetCasualGamer View Post
Am I the only one who actually kind of likes Vanilluxe along with the rest of the evo line? People seem to hate it just for being based off of Ice-cream but with the typing of ice, I'm actually surprised that it took Gamefreak this long to make an Ice-cream Pokemon. It's one of few pure ice types that actually have pretty nice over-all stats and a good enough move-pool to back it up. And it's actually very cute if you think about it. Besides, it's more like an icicle then actual ice-cream due to how it resembles a pointy ice, stalagtite.
Vanillite is probably still my favourite addition in gen 5. It's so cute! I don't love its evolutions quite as much but I still like them a lot. I mean, I tend to like some really obscure/unpopular Pokemon but I don't understand why people dislike Vanillite! It's adorable! And my Vanilluxe in Black was probably the only reason I managed to beat the Elite 4 when I did. It was easily the MVP on my team. It surprises me that more people didn't use it, especially when the game had a Dragon gym.

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