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I know I'm resurrecting quite an old thread, but hey, why not?

My nicknames:

Emolga - Flaichu (See what I did there?)
Zoroark - Starfox (Couldn't think of anything better.)
Sigilyph - Psy-Fly (Quite proud of this one.)
Lucario - Anubis (Egyptian god of death [takes on the form of a jackal].)
Flygon - Burninator (Not too proud.)
Golduck - Confucius (Worked better on Psyduck for obvious reasons.)
Sewaddle - Count Pie (Because it's obviously a vampire Caterpie.)
Purrloin - Tenderloin (Because yeah.)
Patrat - Notata (Because, as you're probably keen to, he is not Ratata.)
Pidove - Pidgin (Because of the awesome Pidgin client.)
Magby - Glenn (Shut up. He does so look like a Glenn.)
Minccino - Chinny (Would have been better if I could have made it Chinny-Chin-Chin.)
Snivy - Smugleaf (Yes. I shoved him in a box and have advanced without him thus far in Black 2.)
Deerling - A Deer (Would have been A Beautiful Deer. Reference to something personal.)
Audino - Poopizore (You can't tell me he shouldn't be called Poopizore.)
Ampharos - Lighthouse (On top of him being used as one in Pokemon lore, it's also a reference to G/S/C's Ampharos in the lighthouse.)