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Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
Um...A couple of thoughts.

1.I really like the idea of you putting shine on Magikarp. Like you, I believe everyone takes it as a joke, and even prefer ugly Feebas over it. This is a cool idea to hack but how far can you really go in terms of storyline is the Q.

2. My biggest thought. It says this hack was brought to the thread Yesterday, but why it only has 1 view on it and 0 comments? Do ppl just Hate the idea That Much?

3. Why is there a Lv1 Riolu AND Lv1 Lucario?

4.Is this hack serious or is it just a joke and I'm falling for it by being the Only person to comment on it lol.

Goodluck is you're serious and devoted about this hack. I'll certainly give it a try as soon as a release is available.
I think he's serious. The reason I think Lucario is lvl 1 was just to show he had his sprite or what not. And behind that fact that you're the first person to comment, I think you make these forums seem more populate than they actually are, like sure some hacks are really well know, but a lot of kids just don't see cool pictures so they won't like it. And don't worry about if this is a joke or not, this thread has 2 comments now.