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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    You could also consider playing Buena's Password everyday and building up points to but a ton of Rare Candy.
    I would do that, but there's one big problem: I'm emulating it on my phone, and the days don't pass like normal. So if I save at 7:54 am Thursday, it will be that time when I load the save.

    Hence why I have to ask, since I remember doing Buena's Password my prior run-through to get like 5 Rare Candies to level 'em all up once.

    It's Lance I'm most worried about. I have a Sneasel and Poliwhirl, both with Ice Punch, but the levels make me worried that they'll get clobbered before they have a chance. I need to get a Water Stone, and I keep waiting on Fisher Tully... maybe I should... hack it... *gulp*

    Thanks a bunch - I have a few things to think out before I ATTACK
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