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Muffins for all!
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    My name: Yash (real name)
    Rival's name: Hugh (didn't want to come up with a different name)

    -1st Team:
    ~Umbreon - Cero (from my youtube channel)
    ~Arcanine - Efreet (spirit of fire)
    ~Starmie - Jewlz (that gem on it's face)
    ~Haxorus - Cynder (from Spyro)
    ~Braviary - Rawk Hawk (from Paper Mario TTYD)
    ~Jolteon - Train (Black Cat reference)

    -2nd Team
    ~Umbreon - Cero (took from my first team)
    ~Volcarona - Vulcan (just shortening the name)
    ~Milotic - Siren (vaguely reminds me of one)
    ~Metagross - Getsui (only thing I could think of)
    ~Dragonite - Bahamut (from Final Fantasy)
    ~Electivire - Laxus (only thing I could think of)