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    Route 101

    "Dang it!" the new trainer shouted in anxiety. Dissappointed, Tyler shook it off. "Oh well, lets keep on trying!" Tyler looked at the Ralts. It had managed to escape the pokeball but was obviously still very weak. He really wanted this one. He wanted to catch the first pokemon he tried for so badly. As the Ralts tried to sneak back into the woods, Tyler ordered "Sanjiro use-"

    He looked down at his pokemon. He'd forgotten that with that endeavor, the Treecko was in the same shape as Ralts. "Forget it Sanjiro, you tried your best, come back." and with that the small wood gecko returned to his pokeball. Walking towards a tree, Tyler picked off an oran berry and rolled it towards the Ralts. "Take this little guy, you were a worthy opponent, you deserve it."

    With that the Ralts took the berry and slugged back into the woods. "Ughhhhh..." sighed Tyler. Then looking up, he exclaimed "There's always more pokemon to catch!" and kept moving to Oakdale Town.

    Oakdale Town

    Upon entering Oakdale Town, Tyler took a look around until he approached the Pokemon Center on the west side of town. On entrance, Tyler was greeted by a smiling Nurse Joy. "Hello, welcome to the Pokemon Center. How may I help you today?"

    "Hello, I have my Treecko here. He got knocked up a little in battle. I was hoping you could treat him." Tyler asked the pink haired woman.

    "Why certainly, I'd be delighted!" she responded. "I'll take a look at him, why don't you come back for the little guy. It might be a while."

    "I'll wait, I want to see him as soon as he's better! Then we can continue our journey!!!" Tyler pleaded with the Nurse. With a nod from the Nurse, Tyler took a seat at one of the near by tables. "What an awesome day so far, I wonder what's next?" he wondered as he waited.
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