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Mark Willson

Mark wasn't sure of what to make of the sitation. He came here because he wanted to participate in a Tournament. Not a challange of survival. The stakes were high. Losing your Pokemon if they feinted? The mention of a tournament was the main reason he even fell for this trap. Well... he was here and now he had to find a way out, or try to eliminate the competition to end this tournament quicker. No... he couldn't do that sort of thing. They were probably in the same boat as him! Maybe that was the idea though. Everyone was fighting for survival so eventually somebody would be attacking him.

Snype was walking alongside with him. They unfortunately didn't have much for a fort. It was more of a Tent then anything made of leaves and a few branches they found laying around. His Pokemon weren't very capable of making say, planks of wood or cutting down trees efficently. It would disturb the other Pokemon anyways if they did that. He didn't want to try a Cave either, as that would likely be the home of several Pokemon as well. Mark would have to make due with what he had.

On the bright side, he did bring along a bit of food and water, but only two bottles. One was only half full and some of the food he brought along were meant as snacks for the ride to the island. Mark was lacking but at least he had something. Unfortunately, that could make him a prime target. This was about survival and he didn't know any of the other trainers that came along. They could try to ambush him and take his supplies. He was going to need alot more then just a small makeshift tent. It wasn't exactly sturdy... And it wasn't like his Pokemon were trained to build a huge fort to keep safe.

Mark would just have to rely on his own Pokemon for now. Mark figured he should start by finding a water source, like a river or something like that.

"Snype, keep an ear out. If you hear water rushing, let's get to it. Eventually we're going to run out of water, so we need to find a water source before someone else keeps it to their selves. Mark pulled out a Pokeball and let Able, his Ninjask out of her ball.

"Able, scout around and let me know if you find anything. If you see other Trainers, keep out of sight. If you are found, make like a wild Pokemon and get out of there. Try to find food or maybe somewhere we can make a better home base." Mark said. Able flew around Mark and nodded, quickly zipping around the nearby forest areas to scout around for whatever she could find.

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