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    Well, I guess I should post as well...So, I've gone to Virbank City, defeated Roxie, made some movies at Pokestar Studios, taken down some Team Plasma Grunts...and made my way to Castelia City, where I went to the Sewers, battled a few Trainers, obtained a few Pokemon along the way (that happens anywhere there are wild Pokemon), met Burgh and Colress + beaten two more Team Plasma Grunts. Afterwards, I went to the Relic...uh...something (I kinda forgot), battled two Scientists and a Backpacker, got about two items...and then used the Escape Rope, because I was dying over there. Afterwards, I just had to level grind, and so I did. Then, I took on Burgh, beaten him up, obtained the badge...then I went to Route 4, where I defeated some Trainers and Colress. But there...I pretty much lost to a couple of a Motorcyclist and a Roughneck...Hooligans? And went to the Join Avenue, and entitled myself Gunsou there. As of now, I'm at the Desert Resort...beating up Trainers before trying to beat up Elesa...Man! My first try in White 2 (Japanese) against her made me have to grind hard to evolve my Dewott into a Samurott, then I could beat her up. And I found N's Scraggy as well while exploring Desert Resort.

    A vague Current Team List...

    Dewott (The evolution of a certain person's favorite...)
    Lucario (Everyone's always gunning for this in Flocessy Ranch as a Riolu.)
    Tranquill (I'm waiting for its evolution...Unfezant.)
    Mareep (As of now, its pretty much useless...)
    Patrat (My Cut slave.)
    Psyduck (My Strength slave.)
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