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October 17, 2012

Dream World: Tirtouga. Found: nothing new; Electrike with Ice Fang.

Marill also went through the Dream World this morning, and although we were there for over an hour, it did not gain a level. We did bring back a Alomomola that knows Pain Split.

I also obtained another medal, making 29:
Frequent Trader

Now for my gym battle with Roxie in the evening!
Virbank Gym Challenge
Vs. Roxie

It’s the usual rules, with each of us using two Pokémon. Only I, as the challenger, could substitute Pokémon, and the battle will be over when one side is out of Pokémon.

“Get ready!” Roxie yelled. “I’m gonna knock some sense outta ya!”

“I can’t wait for this battle!” I yelled back. “I haven’t battled a poison-type gym leader since way back in Kanto! So I’m going to use a sound strategy. Magnemite, maximize!”

“Using a steel-type since they’re immune to poison, huh?” Roxie strummed her guitar, then grabbed her Poké Ball. “Koffing, rock the house!”

The two Pokémon appeared on the field and hovered in front of each other.

“Magnemite, start things off with Sonicboom!” I called the first order.

“Koffing, Tackle his Magnemite!” responded Roxie.

The waves from the Sonicboom struck Koffing for a large amount of damage, but Koffing shook it off and lunged into Magnemite with Tackle, doing minimal damage.

“Koffing looks shaken up,” I noticed. “Quick, before it recovers, use Sonicboom again!”

Sonicboom hit hard, knocking Koffing out!

“Koffing, take a break,” Roxie said as she called her Pokémon from the field. “I can feel your desire to win pouring out of you! Ok, next set! Whirlipede, rock the house!”

“A Whirlipede!” I exclaimed. “I’ve got just the thing for that. Magnemite, return, take a well-deserved rest. Ok, Dunsparce, maximize!”

“Whirlipede, Venoshock!” Roxie ordered. The attack struck Dunsparce for a little damage.

“Dunsparce, set things up with your Defense Curl!” I called to my Pokémon. Dunsparce rolled into a ball.

“Whirlipede, keep up the Venoshock attacks!” Whirlipede hit again, but Dunsparce was hanging in there just fine.

“Now’s the time!” I yelled excitedly. “Dunsparce, use Rollout!”

Dunsparce rolled towards Whirlipede, and hit for super-effective damage that was powered up even more due to the prior Defense Curl. But…

“Dunsparce, what’s wrong?” Dunsparce looked hurt! “Ah, of course! Poison Point!”

“That’s right,” said Roxie. “My Whirlipede can poison any Pokémon that makes physical contact with it!”

Thankfully, my Dunsparce was holding a Sitrus Berry, so it managed to recover some health.

“And, now that your Pokémon is poisoned, it makes this move twice as effective! Whirlipede, Venoshock!”

Venoshock did a lot of damage, but Dunsparce was able to handle it. It was still spinning from the Rollout, and it attacked one more time, and this time did enough damage to knock out Whirlipede!

“Whirlipede, return,” Roxie said as here Pokémon disappeared from the battlefield. “You did a great job. But this challenger rocked hard! Your Pokémon wanted this win! Here, proof that you beat me!”

This was a much easier win that the last gym, but now I’ve earned the Toxic Badge!

Alola Pokédex: Obtained 84 Seen 96
Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 58 Seen 68
Akala Pokédex: Obtained 50 Seen 57
Pokédex Go: Obtained 183 Seen 191