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Hello! I'm back! I guess none of you could remember my old posts...Yeah, I'm the one who couldn't hit the delay of Gen 4. And the one who's the noob of this RNG abusing for IVs thing. (Seriously, I can only do RNG abusing for Shiny Pokemon, and those are only for eggs, without hitting delays. I sometimes can't even hit the right frame, blowing the run. ) So...I've gotten my copy of Black 2, and I was just wondering how to RNG abuse there. Is there any difference that I must know, and stuff?
Because this is pretty much my first time on picking up Generation 5 RNG and I got the short stick, because egg RNG's gone, apparently. Why, anyway? Maybe wandering NPCs? Too bad I was impatient and rushed to obtain Genesect, because I can't do this whole RNG thing...and it was a good target to do, but I'm still early in the game, so maybe it isn't a good idea anyway. Maybe it'd be better for me to restart or something? Because I really don't wanna do that. So, that's it from me, thanks!
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