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    Originally Posted by Syltti View Post
    I'll sign up~ I'm already in post-game, working on teams, catching Legendaries, and getting facewrecked in the World Tournament. I'm not all that familiar with tiering, but I'll try to pick it up as quickly as possible~

    Name: Syltti
    Favourite Pokémon in your team(s):
    Yui the Gardevoir, Serenity the Lilligant
    Hello, Syltti! Well, I'll be itching to battle with you! But I have to ace Black 2 first. You're already in the post-game bit? Great! For sure, you don't need tiers here. The only "tiers" here would be Legendary, where you have to use Legendary Pokemon with a few extra Pokemon written here as such, and that's the only thing you can use...and the Non-Legendary tier, where all you can use would be Pokemon that aren't written off as Legendary Pokemon here. Simple, right? Well then...I hope that you'll be active here, and I hope we can battle soon!
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