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Originally Posted by AzaleaLightning View Post
I seriously like Deerling/Sawsbuck, haven't seen anyone use Sawsbuck on their team yet but I don't really talk to many Pokemon fans.
I actually have a competition-ready Sawsbuck that I will occasionally use on my team <3 If you can beef him up with a Swords Dance then your opponent will rue the day.
Originally Posted by StreetSurferNz View Post
Am i the only one who like Dunsparce? It has one of the most original and creative designs EVER (In my super biased opinion). It's based on the mythical Tsuchinoko, a Japanese Myth. How cool is that?. And, with it's awesome ability in Serene Grace, it will Hax everyone and everything. So all in all DON'T DISS THE SPARCE.
Dunsparce is so cute I can't stand it.

One of the best things about Pokemon is that every Pokemon is someone's favorite. It just makes me happy to know that despite some people complaining about certain designs each Pokemon is loved. Very few franchises with as big a "cast" as Pokemon can claim to have this phenomenon occur.

If I had to list a Pokemon I really love that I think is unpopular, I guess I'd mention Stunfisk. But I know he has a cult following in the form of the Maggya so I know right off the bat he doesn't count xD

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