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Originally Posted by Ryliam View Post
I currently can only trade on weekends due to school. :/
(Making an exception for Poketrade this week)

I still haven't received my SMR2012 Keldeo but i have Japanese Keldeo's (NF Timid and Modest) if they interest you.
And what kind of events do you have?


Region Dont Matter to Me
MewTwo Ot Feb2012 Lax Nature Lv 70
MewTwo Ot Feb2012 Sassy nature Lv 70
Gensect Ot Plasma Gentle Nature Lv 15
Reshiram Ot Spr2012 QUIRKY Nature Lv 100
Zekrom Ot Spr2012 Mild Nature Lv 100
Shiny Porygon-Z Wifi Gift Nature Bold Lv 100 ID# 42314 Ot Shiro < Was Told That This Might Be Hacked >
Japanese Victini Ot ROC Bashful Nature Lv 100 <Think This one a Event>
DW Arceus Adamant Nature Lv 100

Gen IV
Heart Gold 2881-7475-9472
Soul Silver 2323-0991-2080
Platinum 0004-3991 5626

Gen V
White 3483-0416-3209
Black 3440-1006-51119
Black 2 1163-7530-2715