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With all of that in mind, how would you define love? (this is quite broad, but it's a good way to get the mental struggle started!)
I'd have to say love is an emotion where one has deep respect for another person, cares for another person and wants to keep them close. I think love is strictly emotional, whereas sex is the physical act of one particular branch of love, in-the-moment. When you're having sex (and enjoying it), you love that person for making you feel good, and want to keep them close until you've reached your climax (and ideally until they've reached theirs). But that love can instantly die down after the deed has been done.

Can anyone define love any way they would like to ?
Sure. Everyone has their own experiences and thoughts. People with very bad track records in romance could define love as a pointless emotion that only brings on heartache and loneliness. Those with severe family problems could deny love altogether, doubtful of ever being able to recreate it. I define love the way I do because of how I've perceived it over my 20 years of life. My direct family is loving and do a lot for me. Any person I've had romantic feelings for I've wanted to keep close and have cared deeply about.

Can anyone define love incorrectly? (i.e. pedophilia)
I don't think so. Maybe some can define love with improper guidance (ie. pedophilia), but love is very subjective and we all have our own idea of it. I can't really begin to think in the way a necrophiliac does, but that doesn't stop them from doing their thang. I am sorry for these people for having an unrealistic idea of love, assuming that pedophiles truly want to settle down and marry a child. I'm not sure if all pedophiles feel that way, seems to me like it's a power-trip sort of thing, and they just want to screw someone they know they have absolute power over.

Why are some people wrong?
No one is absolutely wrong about their genuine definition of love, some are just misguided.

Does love involve two people?
It seems like it should. The deep care for someone and that care given back. It just seems not genuine if the other party also deeply cares for someone else, who you don't care for and vice versa. But hey, whatever you're into. I'm not one for polygamy myself.

Does love involve certain genders/sexes?
Yes. Both. In any combination.

Why do we seek love?
We as humans are social creatures and therefore depend on social acceptance and need to feel loved, otherwise we do grow quite bitter and/or depressed. I don't know what I'd be like without my family. I think it's a state of mind. We have this concept of love, we all feel it, in whatever form, and we all seek it. Especially if you get a taste of it. I think the good ends up outweighing the bad.
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