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    If there are games like that I hated then liked. It is a long-ass list but I'll only state the ones I remember of the recent years.

    1) Pokemon - Yes you all know, the theme of this forum, the ultimate game that is just ultimate. I got SoulSilver the day it came out to try and understand the Pokemon series. But I wasn't that mature and understanding at the time with Nintendo gaming so I hated it due to the misunderstanding of it and sold it. Then this summer I saw my cousin playing it and it looked really really fun by the way he was playing it so I bought it again and played it. Now that I understood more of it I got extremely hooked onto it like how I got hooked onto Assassin's Creed.

    2) Killzone Series ) When the first game came out on PS2 it was absolute crap and hated every bit of it. Then when Killzone 2 came out I got it for free when I got my PS3 and thought it would be the same like Killzone 1 and hated it too. Later on I came back to play it because I had nothing else to do and then started to like Killzone 2. I got hooked and then bought Killzone 3 and it's originally amazing for me.

    3) Resistance Series ) It was overrated to me when the first game came out but I wasn't too good with horror games. I got 2 when I bought my PS3 and hated it. Got Resistance 3 this year and hated it. Then a few months later I played them all again and played them and it wasn't that bad. I didn't get hooked but I like it.

    4) Kingdom Hearts ) This was a tough one for me, I was a small kid when I played KH1 and I understood nothing so I quitted it but when I grew up a little I grabbed my PS2 and played all the games I previously didn't like and I still hated them all except one : Kingdom Hearts. It was absolutely amazing. Got every game except for the DS game. (Not the 3DS one, I got that one and love it.)

    Can't remember any other game but when I do I'll make sure to post here

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