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    I think the Shiny Charm is a nice reward for completing the Pokédex, which is something very hard to do, and something that I will probably never accomplish. Even with the charm it's still hard to get a shiny, IMO. You could get 1/64 on G/S/C if you bred with a shiny parent, so it used to be a lot easier. I'll probably just hatch eggs on White, because the IV checker was removed from the Battle Subway in B/W2.

    I got the Volcarona I wanted a few hours after my last post. SRing went a lot easier with the DW Deerling. I got a Jolly female on only the second attempt. I just made my way through Chargestone Cave and will soon be in Mistralton City. Tynamo took a lot longer to find than on White. I think I encountered 200-300 wild Pokémon in the cave before I found a Tynamo. I came across a second one soon after.

    This week's random hunt is... Mime Jr./Mr. Mime!
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