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@Boomyeah: ...Hmm. Alright, on the condition that it does not have telepathy. You also must actually change your SU to reflect this. Replace all instances of Darkrai with Lucario, and update the pokemon's movelist to reflect this.

@pat2cool: NPC teachers, but not player-controlled teachers, may be bunnied. The only restriction is that you can't control a champion while they're battling without GM permission, and you can't control Gary at all without GM permission.

@Everyone: One thing I noticed is that the level standards have been raised in BW2. The strongest trainers in the world are using level 80+, which I had previously restricted only for Professor Oak as far as NPCs go. Top tier trainers are now using level mid 70s. Average trainers (...and preschoolers) are now using level 60s at the top of their game, and so on. This actually give me an excellent excuse to raise the levels of NPCs including the starting levels of teacher's pokemon by 5-10 levels. Thoughts?

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