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    >hasnt updated in forever

    so Cyrus was a PAIN IN THE ***
    and Cynthia was Just balls hard

    but yeah Cyrus was Very hard Mainly that HONCHKROW but it eventually died to bronzong

    Weavile was Cake for medicham
    Gyarados had an encounter with +2 Psychic
    Houndoom was Bronzong bait
    and finally crobat just died

    Volkner was a clean Gard Sweep

    Aaron was Tough but my Psychics pulled through
    Bertha was less so but still a force to be reckoned with
    Flint was Fairly easy
    and Lucian's First poke was easy set up bait so +6 SpATK later and Gardevoir OHKOd Everything

    Cynthia killed me about oh i dont know SIX TIMES but after some (read: a LOT) of grinding she was Easy enough

    mainly that Garchomp (the one time i regtet getting Heatproof Bronzong) but Eventually it died to Said Bronzong along with spiritomb
    then +4 Later and Gardevoir swept the rest

    Platinum Done i MIGHT do Black/White some time if i feel like it i want to get/complete B/W2 first though


    Claire (gardevoir) Level 55
    Calm Mind
    Magical Leaf

    Kazza (Alakazam) LV 55
    Charge Beam
    Calm Mind

    Sexy Arms (Gallade) LV 55
    Psycho Cut
    Close Combat
    Stone Edge
    Leaf Blade

    Kung Foo (Medicham) LV 55
    Hi Jump Kick
    Rock Smash

    Rarity (Espeon) LV 55
    Shadow Ball
    Quick Attack

    Metallica ( bronzong) LV 55
    Flash Cannon

    MVP: although Gard Swept Volkner and most of the E4 imma have to say Bronzong considering he tanked every dark type i ever came across (ESPECIALLY Honchkrow) unfortunately i wont have the luxury of a Steel/Psy in Unova

    LVP: Espeon
    Learned NO good moves Died Easily couldnt put a dent in anything and just didnt do well enough overall everyone else at least put up a fight against things