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Originally Posted by toasterr View Post
I'm a bit confused. The list says Skorupi and Drapion... next to pictures of Stunky and Skuntank. Are both families needed?

If you need the Skorupi family I can donate one, as well as a Jellicent, Ambipom, Stunfisk and Accelgor. Thanks again.
Oh wow, how did that happen. Anyway, I don't need Stunky or Stuntank. I must not have been paying attention. All of those sound good.

@CourageHound I can breed those, but I currently have quite a list to do, hopefully tomorrow. Anyway, just be patient and I'll eventually get to those. As for your donations, I'll take them! As the rules state, you can donate something I have already received. Also, the fact that it's a EM is definitely a bonus.

@Lunicli How about giving me 4 of the Ditto and a Shelmet, and we'll call it good.

@All 3 Of you, I'll contact you individually to arrange the time of our trades.
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