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Originally Posted by CoMM View Post
1. What section/board are you most interested in?

I'm really most interested in trading/battling with other Pokemon trainers, learning about Wi-Fi battles and such I only did infrared with my cousin so I'd need help on that :3, I'd love to know a bit more about the video-games section + all the events that will happen.
Mainly video-gaming section.

2. What other sections/boards do you want to venture in and and learn more about?

I'm not also mainly concerned about the video-gaming section. I also wish to get better at understanding the roleplaying section and battling over other Pokemon trainers on SoulSilver/B&W :).

3. Are there any specific things you like to do while you're here?

Mainly I'm confused with the chats here and where you guys chat e.e. I can't seem to find where everyone chats :O. I'd love to chat and chat a lot all the time in this forum with it's members ^^.
I wish I were able to take you on, but I've got my hands full with a fair few mentees right now. D: But we have Sydian and Livewire for Trade Corner, PlatinumDude and Forever for Battle Center, as well as Captain Fabio and Hybrid Trainer for Video Gaming (assuming you're talking about the general video gaming section and not Pokemon video gaming).

There's also Leaf Storm, who is a global mentor and would be able to show you around all of the main sections that you're interested in, but I'm unsure if she's able to take on more mentees right now.

Originally Posted by Jacka View Post
That would be excellent! (: Would you care to Pm me details?
Of course, can do! :D

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