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    1.About six months ago I saw a shiny Pawniard (my first and last legit shiny), caught it, closed my DSi XL, left in on a table, and went to the bathroom.
    When I came back, my brother had closed the software and went to the camera. Imagine how pissed off I was.

    2.Using a normal type move on a ghost type Pokemon- and getting KO'd because of it.

    3. (Multiple times, and still even now) Using foresight by accident for no apparent reason.

    4. Killing Landorus, giving up after like 10 times, and trading away my Tornadus for a Haxorus, then noticing I can't face Landorus. The only reason, in fact, I have one now, is because of my Chimchar "farm."

    5. ...This list could go on and on.
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