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Aron Ultmos

Aron threw the rock up and down into the air as he stared up into the sky. Lake next to him rippled every so often as water pokemon moved about in the depths. Aron stared at the water for a bit as he saw a rather big bubble rise up and popped on the surface. After a while he continued to throw the rock back up in the air. His hat was off to the ground next to him with two other rocks in it. After he threw up the rock a few more times he suddenly threw it as hard as he could into the forest. He then grabbed one of the other rocks and began to throw it up once more when there was a loud splash in the lake. Aron closed his hand as the rock fell onto his palm once more. Aquos walked over to his trainer and sat down next to him.

Aron glanced at him, "Well?"

Aquos shook his head, spraying some water over Aron. "Hey, easy with the head shaking." He chuckled as he sat up and stretched. The area next to the lake was rather quiet, the wild pokemon were long gone and no other trainers had shown up yet. He was rather lucky in the regard that Aquos just knew where to find water. He chalked it up to the fact that water-type pokemon just had natural instincts or something. He looked at his friend with a soft smile. He wasn't going to lose him or any of the others, even if he had to personally take down every other team, he would be the last standing.

"Well, it's time to get moving again. If we stay out here we could get easily surrounded. We don't want that."

"Gol!" Aquos said as he got up and began to lead the way through the forest with Aron following.
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