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Originally Posted by Schultzkid92 View Post
Region Dont Matter to Me
MewTwo Ot Feb2012 Lax Nature Lv 70
MewTwo Ot Feb2012 Sassy nature Lv 70
Gensect Ot Plasma Gentle Nature Lv 15
Reshiram Ot Spr2012 QUIRKY Nature Lv 100
Zekrom Ot Spr2012 Mild Nature Lv 100
Shiny Porygon-Z Wifi Gift Nature Bold Lv 100 ID# 42314 Ot Shiro < Was Told That This Might Be Hacked >
Japanese Victini Ot ROC Bashful Nature Lv 100 <Think This one a Event>
DW Arceus Adamant Nature Lv 100
Would you trade your DW Arceus for it?

Originally Posted by someduderic View Post
So we can trade this weekend?
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