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Originally Posted by psyanic View Post
Can't say too much for Dawn, but May did develop nicely for a short while, which I would say is remarkable when you compare the other characters of the anime. *cough*ash*cough*

I don't like Iris all that much. The writers seem to focus on weird things for Iris, especially with Axew knowing insanely strong moves. I don't know why they're beating around the bush and not letting poor Axew evolve, so Iris focuses more on other dragons than she does for Axew. That makes me side-eye her character overall, but it's not overly bearing, so it's somewhat tolerable. However, Iris isn't my type of character. I don't like her personality, so I don't like her nor do I find her design all that great to look at.
That's one issue I have as well. They give Axew beastly moves, but they don't give it adequate development episodes to hone such skills. We have seen it develop Dragon Rage and that was about it. The thing is though we haven't seen much Scraggy development either so its not as a big deal since neither of them have really got much development, cause irrc last battle or key battle for Scraggy was Brycen. Think they are going for a part Pikachu/Piplup thing with Axew and we just don't need that. He already expressed his willingness to evolve since the episode dealing with Dreamyard early on, so not evolving him would be a mistake in my mind. And like you said they focus more on her with other Dragons such as Emmy Druddigon, Deino at the Daycare, the Zweilous/Hydregion she deals with in the upcoming episode. Then even her own pokemon overshadow Axew especially Dragonite as of late who apparently is her go too pokemon now? Yeah focus on Axew wanting to become Haxorus.

For me Iris as a Character I am fine with. And yeah she says "What a Kid" but all of them have their quirks that we don't generally care for. She seems to change the pace of coordinators back too tomboy like gymleaders, which is kind of welcomed to me by now. Iris also has a jungle girl aspect that interests me as well.

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