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    Hey all,

    I've been playing Pokemon White fairly casually, and while I knew there was some degree of depth I have not been given a real reason until recently to look into it. Long story short, some younger family and some old friends have been bringing me back into it, what hooked me was when someone was bringing up the comparison to many fighting/RTS games I play, and sure enough I was finding that level of depth as I continued reading.

    That being said, it's pretty hard to keep up with the nieces and nephews time-tables (Darn you real life getting in the way!), and after jumping into a couple of online games I came to realize just how sorely out of my depth I really am.

    As it stands I am currently re-beating white (Used up alot of Items I started realizing I really should have saved), with a very basic (and I'd say inept) stall-team build I started working on just to get the feel for stall, the type of group I am looking to build.

    The team I currently am trying to level/evolve/etc. while going through the game is Petilil, Trubbish, Roggenrola, Yamask, Tympole (Hope to replace with a Cloyster for Spikes and Defense), Sigilyph. I am aware if this team is even remotely close to Stall, it's still probably terrible due to being the wrong natures, I still have no idea what I am doing as far as EVs and IVs (Still reading and trying to understand them), and probably a boatload of other reasons I am ignorant to.

    Yup, I R n00blet.

    So as I browse the forums, I start wondering how do you even get started in making a team that is competitive? Any advice for the grind in general? I know I'll probably go back and pick up the pokemon for this team again, looking at natures and keeping the lowest leveled one just for those tiny bonuses, but how long does it typically take for you guys to develop a team once you have an 'idea' you want to try?

    Are there things I can do while I am going through the game (again) to make it easier on myself when I start trying to play online? Would it be to my benefit to stay to the NU/RU/UU format to start earlier? Personally I'd rather not be playing with legendary-focused teams, but that's what I kept running into in my few ventures into online, so is the other leagues something organized on the side?

    Cant remember where I read it, but apparently it is also bad-form to use stuff like Sand-Attack and whatever else reduces accuracy. Is this adhered to online or is this more of a gentleman's agreement?

    Truthfully, I'm probably reading the guides posted right now, but it's alot of information to take in, and alot of it seems really long-term since I gotta finish my new play-through, but I'd like any feedback, thoughts, suggestions, etc.

    Anyway, there is alot more but I'll end this before this page evolves into a true wall of text.

    Take care,