Thread: Ruby hack: Pokemon Magikarps Adventures
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AmazingCharizard - you know! He's so under-rated these days, I'll let you know when a release is available.

PokémonShinySilver - I've changed his move sets around so that he can actually deal some damage at level 5. Also hes ability isn't swift swim anymore - since it's an ancient magikarp I believed it needed a more 'electrifying ' ability to suit it's ancientness.

Saltsas - thank you, it shouldn't take that long to do, depending how fast I can work on the story of the game since the maps shouldn't need changing that much.

blazerj13 - haha yeah, this is what I mean when I say that people underestimate magikarps. And I'm working on it, just need to edit practically all the scripts to suit the story.