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    Originally Posted by johnny18 View Post
    You still need to abuse your ID/SID in order to obtain the shiny starter. Here is the guide I picked up from Smogon for you. Hope this will help

    First of all, trying to focus on the question that you want to ask. I had a hard time to answer since your questions jump from one thing to another.
    For RNG abuse in B2W2, as I said before, the concept is the same as BW and is indicated in TwilightBlade's guide on the 2nd post of this thread. The only difference is that you cannot RNG an egg in B2W2.
    If I remember correctly, the reason we cannot RNG eggs in B2W2 is because of something called static seed which prevents us to get what we want from the first egg.
    About your genesect, if you already took it but you want to RNG it again, I think you may just restart the game again since you are not far from the game. That's what I would do but it is up to you. Hope I answered all of your questions
    Well, okay...I just need this figured out: are there any differences that I must be aware of at all? Anything different in the whole process? At all?
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